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Family Shoot Evenings

Family shoot evenings are a great way to raise money for your school!

Usually organised over one or two evenings, I will come and set up in your School Hall, Classroom or suitable space and take pictures of Families, Children, Siblings, Pets etc.

Timings are usually in 10 minute slots (booked beforehand with a member of your PTA) which usually provides around ten to twenty photo's during that time. Families then access their photo's in their own private galleries to select and purchase their images in any size or format desired with some print sizes offered at VERY reduced rates.

School PTA's benefit from an agreed booking fee for each Family (kept by the school) or an agreed overall commission rate.

Several schools have taken advantage of this offer (especially for seasonal events such as Mothers Day, Fathers Day, The Royal Wedding, Easter, Christmas etc) and have been overwhelmed with the response!

For further information on how this can benefit your school, how I can tailor the shoots to your needs, and for details of the Schools who have already benefitted from this service  please contact me.